Xiaomi Redmi Airdots

  • High-quality optimization of exclusive patent
  • BT5.0 Penetrating Sound
  • Noise Reduction
  • In-ear ergonomic design
  • One touch control button

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Free to adjust, comfortable to wear, not easy to fall off

Lightweight and comfortable to wear is highlight of Redmi AirDots, thanks to strict weight control of the single earphone at 4.1g. You don’t have to worry about it falling off. We prepared 3 models of earplugs to meet you higher requirements for closure and firmness, even when running, punching, and listening music.

The music is nice and clear – all you need!

When the material are tuning the same, the larger the speaker unit size, the better low frequency. The Redmi AirDots are equipped with 7.2mm sound unit, which has a low-frequency dive and medium-to-high frequency. In the compact design, Xiaomi still equipped you with DSP intelligent environment noise reduction technology, you do not have to worry about the quality of the call, it can remove the ambient noise, the other party can clearly hear your voice.

Wireless Earphones + Wireless Charging

The Mi AirDots have true wireless stereo (TWS) technology that splits audio in both earbuds to deliver a truly wireless experience. With no wires for a tangle-free experience, the set comes with a charging box for storage and wireless charging, delivering extreme simplicity and convenience.

Compact Structure

Lightness counts! Compact form counts! Each earphone weighs only 4.1g, which is lighter than a coin. The smooth, round body comfortably fixes in your ear for extended periods of time.

And in the end: AirDots hidden skills

The Redmi AirDots has a control button on one of the pair which performs various functions apart from switching it off and on. A single click pauses songs while double-clicking the button wakes up the Voice Assistant such as XiaoAI smart assistant and Apple’s Siri. The button can also be used to control the mobile phone, as well as to take a photo. You can focus on driving and the route has already been planned for you. Have a meal with a friend, or you can reach the destination in advance via the voice assistant WeChat friend.